Is Your Organization Performing as It Should?

The key to achieving and sustaining success is making optimal decisions.

The Mastermind Group empowers you and your organization to make optimal decisions by helping you ensure the right people, with the right fit, apply key business principles and utilize the Problem Resolution Process every day, at every level of the organization.

Achieve Sustain Success - Make Optimal Decisions
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Client Testimonials

“I was constantly under tremendous pressure and stress about all the critical issues that were costing me the success I wanted for my business. The Mastermind Group…rapidly put me on the path to accomplishing my goals….I have learned all the aspects of my business that were holding me back – including myself. In just a few months, we have gone from chaos to stability and profit – and we are now ready to expand.”

Andy Roe, Owner/CEO
Healthcare Practice IT

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“It is without any hesitation that I recommend and support you, or your consulting services, to any organization seeking a world-class, results-oriented change agent. You are a professional, world-class company and team builder.”

Richard E. Hansen, Director
Industrial Engineering
The Boeing Company

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“The ‘High-Impact Decision-Making’ workshop…put in perspective the complicated process of making strategic decisions in an easy-to-follow process. Since the workshop, we’ve applied The Mastermind Group’s strategic decision making…to sales, marketing, personnel, and long-term strategy decisions.”

Mike Lancey, MBA EA, President
Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc.

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