People Consulting

Do you need help finding – and keeping – the right people with the right fit? Do you provide training and career development for the right people? Do you have a plan for promoting the right people?

Invest in your people to achieve and sustain success.

The Mastermind Group Can Help You

Attract and Hire the Right People

  • Generate new position descriptions with improved content and purpose that match your organizational goals
  • Help you write the ads that get noticed and bring qualified candidates to your company
  • Evaluate the applicants, not just for their hard skills, knowledge and experience required, but additionally for their talents, personal skills, motivations and attitudes (all of which the position also requires!)
  • Profile applicants with the expectation of an outstanding 80% success rate for fit to the responsibilities you are hiring them to perform.

Retain the Right People Before Your Competitors Steal Them Away

  • Create more effective results-oriented performance evaluation systems
  • Utilize powerful new tools for measuring performance and fostering improvement
  • Enhance employee effectiveness with new managing and coaching methods

Train the Right People for Maximum Performance

  • Implement a complete training software program that will organize and systemize all the training for all the people in your organization
  • Know instantly what training is needed, and easily plan and schedule training activities
  • Control the content, quality, and costs of your training efforts

Develop Your Top Performers

  • To lead people
  • To understand team dynamics
  • To develop their people

Plan for Succession

  • Utilize the training program to include career development
  • Match career development to your corporate plan
  • Develop and execute a written plan to ensure the proper succession of your people, a plan that matches your corporate goals

Contact us today. Let The Mastermind Group help you build a human development program that will help your organization achieve and sustain success.