People Performance

Are you satisfied with your current revenues? margins? net profit?

Are you getting the best performance and results from your key people?

It’s all about people.

The Mastermind Group offers the most comprehensive system for evaluating people and teams available in the US.

Get the right people, in the right jobs, performing optimally, and you’ll be much better positioned to achieve – or exceed – your goals. Our approach helps businesses identify, hire, promote, and coach the right people – then build strong and effective teams – and delivers, every time.

Since starting a new division in January 2010, we exclusively used the Mastermind Group’s tools and services to add more than 50 people into a new division; that includes partners, top executives, sales people, and operations people. That division’s results are staggering by our (and most other) industry’s norms and standards. We have virtually no turnover, and I believe four out of five new hires are excellent, with three of those four being among the top 5% of industry producers.

– Pierre Gallant, Founder, VelaPoint Personal Insurance

Predictive Performance and Fit

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