Executive Coaching

The Mastermind Group Can Help You Meet Your Executive and Leadership Needs

Does your organization need a Board of Advisors or an interim CEO? We will work with you to evaluate your executive and leadership needs and recommend an appropriate and effective approach for your circumstances.

Do any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • You are the owner or CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise, but you have no board of directors.
  • No one wants to be on your board of directors because of the liability issues inherent in that position in today’s environment.
  • Your board of directors is composed of the organization’s key stakeholders, and they have been in place too long to be effective.
  • You have a group of rubber stamp directors who have given up asking the tough questions (if they ever knew them).
  • You have joined a CEO or president’s group to get new insights on the challenges you face and find out they know less than you.

Board of Advisors

The Mastermind Group’s Board of Advisors team possesses a wealth of executive, ownership, CEO, Board of Directors, and consulting experience. We will put together a team that matches your organization’s needs and can:

  • Identify critical issues that are not being addressed in a prudent manner
  • Guide you to an effective course of action to take to solve your problems
  • Help you refocus your efforts and resources on what is critical to raising the value of your enterprise

There is no portion of the business that they cannot directly help you with or quickly bring specialty resources.

Interim CEO Services

Do you need to turn your company around, tackle critical issues, and restore profitability? Are you in need of a visionary leader who fosters teamwork? The Mastermind Group can offer an expert interim CEO with proven experience in creating – or restoring – a trusting culture while accomplishing corporate goals.

Let the Mastermind Group meet your Interim CEO or Board of Advisors needs and help your organization achieve and sustain success.

Contact us today. Discover how an interim CEO or Board of Advisors and help your organization achieve long-term success.