What Our Clients Say

Read what some of our clients said about our style and the results they achieved.

Alatheia Riding Center - logo

“The Mastermind Group’s High-Impact Decision-Making Workshop was transformative for our successful and rapidly growing, non-profit organization. The insight and skills gained there helped to identify critical areas of management and operations that needed further development. The consulting work that followed, with owner Bert Holeton, had a significant, positive impact on our organizational structure, problem solving ability, goal setting, and strategic planning. As a result we are encouraged about the future and feel well prepared for continued growth and the challenges ahead.”

Nancy Grette, Owner & CEO
Alatheia Riding Center

McKenzie Chase Management - logo

“The ‘High-Impact Decision-Making’ workshop, lead by Bert Holeton of The Mastermind Group, put in perspective the complicated process of making strategic decisions in an easy to follow process. Since the workshop, we’ve applied The Mastermind Group’s strategic decision making, in just a short time, to; sales, marketing, personnel and long-term strategy decisions.”

Mike Lancey, MBA EA, President
Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc.

Equilus Group - logo

“As a successful business owner and Strategic Business Planner, I am often asked ‘What’s the key to success?’ My answer is ‘High-Impact Decision-Making’ and when it comes to learning and teaching High-Impact Decision-Making no one does it any better than Bert Holeton with The Mastermind Group. I have attended several of Bert’s workshops and have had the opportunity to work with him in our business and the results have been astounding. Bert truly is a mastermind when it comes to solving critical issues that will achieve organizational success. I would highly recommend Bert’s services to any business whether small or large as his systems will work for all and will change the culture of you business . . . For the better!”

Joel Frank, Managing Principal
The Equilus Group

Icicle Fund - logo

“After attending the High-Impact Decision-Making workshop, I recognize and utilize my leadership strengths to make more effective decisions. I now reframe the way I plan and prioritize my work saving me precious time and energy. I plan to model what I’ve learned to inspire the other organizational leaders that I work with.”

Christine Morgan, Ph.D., Executive Director
Icicle Fund

Diversified - logo

“Under Bert’s leadership, we have developed a strong work team with clear vision and direction. This has resulted in substantial increases in business and efficiency, with like profits for the company. I would heartily recommend The Mastermind Group to assist in raising the standard of performance, efficiency, and profitability of most any business enterprise.”

Michael Campbell, Chairman of the Board

Velapoint - logo
“Since starting a new division in January 2010, we exclusively used The Mastermind Group’s tools and services to add more than 50 people into a new division; that includes partners, top executives, sales people, and operations people. That division’s results are staggering by our (and most other) industry’s norms and standards. We have virtually no turnover, and I believe four out of five new hires are excellent, with three of those being among the top 5% of industry producers.”

Pierre Gallant, Founder
VelaPoint Personal Insurance

Poultry Direct - logo
“Working with The Mastermind Group has been an exceptional experience and has helped move my business to the next level. They helped support my current goals while helping define future possibilities. Their drill-down methods help you focus and define what your business truly needs while teaching you how to address staffing, workflow, and process area issues. They will teach you the tools needed to successfully define and achieve your goals.”

Mark Bliss, President
Poultry Direct, Inc.

Boeing - logo

“It is without any hesitation that I recommend and support you, or your consulting services, to any organization seeking a world class, results-oriented change agent. You are a professional world class company and team builder.”

Richard E. Hansen, Director Industrial Engineering
The Boeing Company

Healthcare Practice IT - logo

“I was constantly under tremendous pressure and stress about all the critical issues that were costing me the success I wanted for my business. The Mastermind Group’s Business Health Club rapidly put me on the path to accomplishing my goals. Since joining I have learned all the aspects of my business that were holding me back – including myself. In just a few months, we have gone from chaos to stability and profit – and we are now ready to expand.”

Andy Roe, Owner/CEO
Healthcare Practice IT

Holroyd - logo

“Recently we used The Mastermind Group’s comprehensive assessments to determine human capital fit before making the decision to acquire another company. The results pointed to potential performance and decision-making issues on the part of the other company’s owners, but we proceeded anyway. We should not have ignored the results. We ended the contract in just six months, after expending valuable time, energy, and resources that could have gone toward our bottom line.”

Steve Nielsen, Owner/CEO
Holroyd Company

Kersh - logo

“Bert Holeton has provided us with sound strategic and management advice for several years. His tactful tenacity helped our executive team wade through a proper analysis of our business and determine a strategic plan. His expertise in people and processes was essential in enabling us to achieve our objectives of increased client satisfaction and revenue growth. Bert has worked closely with our executives and managers on a variety of projects, all of which have been a success. His ability to perceive deficiencies and prescribe a cure has proven invaluable. I recommend his services without hesitation.”

Melbourne O’Banion III, Chief Operating Officer
Kersh Risk Management

Krause & Scheelar - logo

“In reviewing the work that we have done together in a year, I am amazed at what we have accomplished. The organization of our processes through flow charting has been the most significant change. We appreciate how well best practice thinking has worked for everyone in our company. The other significant change that we experienced is the ability to recognize problems and create solutions for them. Your ability to evaluate the highest ROI in our company and help us work toward it with focused effort has helped us create an atmosphere within our company of focused goal attainment. Overall, your efforts have helped make Krause and Scheelar a better company. Thank you for your help. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Kristin Scheelar, Chief Operating Officer
Krause & Scheelar, Inc.

Turnaround - logo

“If you are an owner or senior executive and are responsible for getting things done, you need this training.”

Miles Stover, President
Turnaround, Inc.

Global Future - logo

“If you are serious about success, the Mastermind Group’s learning center is for you! But it’s not for pussycats or anyone squeamish about the reality around them. It’s based on a sound business model of clarity, consensus, planning, and focused action, buttressed by Bert’s tough, no-nonsense drilling down to help you explore your critical issues and to formulate strategies to deal with them. I came away with a solid list of five clear actions to improve my own firm.”

Terry van der Werff, CEO
Van der Werff Global, Ltd.

Universal Honeycomb - logo

“The Mastermind Group’s learning center presents the framework and tools for consistent progress towards optimal performance in an organization. Incorporating the models and axioms into your organization will be as meaningful in your quest for continuous performance improvement of your people as the implementation of Six Sigma has to the performance of process.”

H. Freeman Seebo, President
Universal Honeycomb, Inc.

Enterprise Systems, Inc. - logo

“The Mastermind Group learning center closes the loop on corporate execution. It is a straightforward methodology for eliminating procrastination and focusing management and workers ‘on the ball’.”

Larry Heck, Owner
Enterprise Systems, Inc.

KeyBank - logo

“Just one of the many great lessons from the training was learning how to find the root cause of a problem and that a problem is irresolvable until its root cause is determined.”

Erik Davenny
Key Bank

Diversified - logo
“My whole career has been spent in positions of leadership and I can tell you that it is rare to find a person of Bert’s capability. He is bright, highly organized and knows how to bring people together to get things done.”

Pete Kinch, Secretary,Board of Directors

Bakes - logo

“This training has inspired me to re-think and re-plan the future of my business.”

Bill Baker, Owner
Bakes Marine

American Nutrition - logo

“The training made clear to me the importance of alignment and written goals to empower all the leaders in a closely held family business.”

Bill Behnken, Executive VP
American Nutrition

Car Smart Service - logo

“Bert Holeton’s guidance is focused, clearly understood, specific, and immediately applicable. The training got us started in the right direction the very next day. The ROI for us was within a couple of days, not months as Bert predicted.”

Jan Decker, President
Car Smart Auto Service

Checmco - logo

“This is one of the most practical approaches to goal setting and achievement that we have ever seen. We were able to utilize the concepts and tools that we were given immediately following the training. The methods and approaches in the training provided us with the tools with which to share a common vocabulary and system for implementing ideas successfully, with our corporate team.”

John D. Gibb, President
Chemco, Inc.

Lafarge + Egge - logo

“This training is perfect just the way it is, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Cheryl Vezetinski, Co-Owner
Lafarge & Egge

Hawley Peterson Snyder - logo

“Business has become incredibly complex. In a partnership structure such as an architectural firm, it is important to have clear roles and responsibilities that match an agreed set of written goals. How important that is for success was clearly shown to me in this training. Since it is difficult for us to accomplish on our own, we will probably need to engage Bert to help us through this vital process.”

Rich Kirchner, Principal
Hawley Peterson & Snyder

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